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Best Grow Your Own Venus Flytraps

A Venus flytrap is a carnivorous plant that has captured the imagination of people all over the world. These plants are a pleasure to grow and very interesting to watch as they develop. There are several ways you can buy them and your choice depends on whether you want to grow one from seed or start with a small plant.

The factors you need to consider are how much time you are prepared to spend on maintaining your plant/s and how long you are prepared to wait until it’s mature. If you grow a venus flytrap plant from seed it will take between 2-3 years to become a fully grown plant. 

Venus Flytrap Seeds Growing Kit

If you want to grow your own venus flytrap from scratch, you’ll love Wellness Tree’s “Venus Fly Trap Seeds Growing Kit” which comes with a growing chamber and everything you need to successfully grow your plant from seeds. 

Here are all the features it comes with:

  • 2 x Peat growing cups and lids so you can grow 2 plants at once.
  • 2 x Expandable soil discs that are composed of non-chemical soil with zero additives to grow healthy plants. 
  • 1 x Packet of high-quality seeds which are sourced locally in the USA.
  • Plant markers to identify your plants and a step-by-step instruction guide to get you started, including a plant fact sheet. 

We’ve included this product in our top 5 best grow your own venus flytrap list because it’s natural, has a full kit, has very clear instructions, and comes presented in a box so makes a fun and interesting gift too.

This flytrap suits people who are patient and looking to grow a venus flytrap from scratch.

Bloomify Venus Flytrap Terrarium

The Bloomify Store has an even easier solution if you want a Venus Fly Trap. They offer a venus flytrap plant in a clear dome.

Here are all the features it comes with:

  • A B52 Venus Flytrap plant.
  • A blue medium jar that houses your plant. 
  • The size of the dome and jar is 2” x 2.5” tall. 
  • A free heat pack will be included during winter. 

This is one of the 5 best grow your own venus flytrap kits because it’s so easy to look after while it’s growing. In fact, it’s maintenance-free because it comes in a gel medium that has all the water and nutrients it needs!

Once your plant becomes too large for the container (4-6 months) you can take it out and replant it and watch it continue to grow and thrive. We also like that it comes with a 60-day healthy plant guarantee which is a great indication you’ll get a healthy plant. 

Venus Flytrap seeds 

Unique Gardener sells venus flytrap seeds alone so you can truly grow your own plants.

Here are all the features it comes with:

  • 30 rare Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) seeds. You will receive 3 packs of seeds with 10 seeds inside each pack. 
  • Full planting and growing instructions are printed on the packaging.
  • These are indoor plants but they can also be grown outdoors in USDA zones 8-10.

This is one of the best products to grow your own venus flytrap on the market. We really like that they are locally produced in the USA in North Carolina. If you truly want to grow a venus flytrap from the ground up, this is a great option. Germination will take 1-3 months. 

Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap 

Also from the Bloomify Store is a B52 venus flytrap plant that comes in a quality glass lightbulb making it the perfect decor item for your home while your plant is growing. 

Here are all the features it comes with:

  • No maintenance is required because it has all the nutrients and water it needs due to Orchid Gene’s innovative Terra Gel.
  • The gel is free from microbes and has been developed with safe organic compounds.
  • Unique lightbulb terrarium with a cork lid making it both decorative and functional. 

This option makes our 5 best grow your own venus flytrap list due to its decorative allure. Quirky, stylish, and fun, these make great gifts or are the perfect way to brighten up an area in your home. Best of all, you can rest these on a table or tie them up and hang them near a window. 

You can transplant the venus flytrap after 4-6 months to watch it grow even more! We like that this product comes with a satisfaction guarantee: if your venus flytrap doesn’t grow in 60 days, you’ll receive a new plant for free. 

If you’re impatient, we strongly suggest getting a venus flytrap that’s already germinated.

Large Sized Venus Flytrap

JoelsCarnivorousPlants sells a large venus flytrap plant that is all ready to go and is perfect for beginners. 

Here are all the features it comes with:

  • This is a giant clone that makes traps 1.75 inches across when it’s full size. 
  • The plant comes in a 3-inch net pot. 
  • It has loosely packed soil that is most appropriate for carnivorous plants. 
  • A full detailed care sheet that’s aimed at beginners but written by an experienced venus flytrap grower. 

This product makes our 5 best grow your own venus flytrap list because it couldn’t get any easier than this. The plant is already grown to a good size so you can just follow the instructions that it comes with and enjoy it from the start. 

Ultimately, growing a venus flytrap is not for everyone. Some of you reading this article on growing your own venus flytrap might decide it’s not for you. This venus flytrap is our favourite fully-grown plant available on the market.

Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap FAQ’s

Growing your own Venus Fly Trap can be challenging. To help, we’ve put together this list of common FAQs.

How Much Should I Water A Venus Fly Trap?

You should water your venus flytrap with deionised or distilled water.

When watering a venus flytrap, you should avoid watering it from the top.

We recommend that you stand your pot in roughly 1 cm of water. Venus flytraps like to grow in soil that is wet but not completely waterlogged.

How Long Does It Take For A Venus Fly Trap To Fully Grow?

Venus flytraps can grow up to 6 inches in diameter.

With a lifespan of up to 20 years, Venus flytraps have an extremely slow growth rate. It can take up to four years to flower, although traps will begin to appear after germination.

What Should I Feed A Venus Fly Trap?

In their natural habitat, Venus Flytraps eat a diet of flies and other bugs including, crickets, ants, beetles, spiders, millipedes and other small insects.

If you keep your venus flytrap is outside, they will catch their own prey.

If you are unable to keep your plant outside, it can struggle to find sufficient food sources. We recommend feeding your venus flytrap small freeze-dried bugs or insects.

For more information on feeding your venus flytrap, check out our article.

What Type Of Pot Is Best For Venus Fly Traps?

Venus flytraps are small plants. They typically grow to about 6 inches tall when fully mature.

Factors to consider when choosing a pot for your Venus Flytrap:

  • Does the pot have adequate drainage?
  • What colour is the plant pot? (Does it absorb heat easily)
  • The width & depth of the pot
  • The material of the plant pot

When choosing a pot for your venus flytrap, you have lots of choices. Plant pots come in various sizes, colours and materials including, plastic pots, glazed ceramic pots or hanging baskets.

You need to make sure the pot has adequate drainage, doesn’t absorb too much heat and has enough depth for the roots.

How Much Sunlight Does A Venus Fly Trap Need?

During the growing season, your venus flytrap should get as much sun as possible. Ideally, your plant will get more than 6 hours of direct sunlight to encourage growth.

If you are not able to provide your plant with direct sunlight, keep your venus flytrap in bright indirect sunlight for as long as possible.

What Is The Best Soil For Growing Venus Fly Traps?

Don’t use garden soil for your venus flytrap.

It’s essential to use nutrient-poor soil to grow your Venus Flytrap. Regular enriched or potting can burn the roots of your plant causing damage, or worse! You should also stay away from fertilizer.

They are called flytraps for a reason! Venus flytraps thrive on a diet of flies and other small insects.

What’s The Verdict?

Since all of these products are on our 5 best grow your own Venus Fly Trap list, they’re all excellent choices. As we mentioned at the beginning, it’s really down to you and how long you are willing to wait, and how much work you want to put into growing your plant. 

Venus Fly Traps will add colour and life to any room. No matter which way you decide to grow your own, you are sure to find it a fun and rewarding experience. 

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